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TEE’s comprehensive range of power semiconductors is an integral part of our single source commitment. We offer an unsurpassed selection of semiconductors, backed by a complete range of accessories to cater for the many diverse requirements of contractors, distributors and OEMs. We source and install power electronic components from most leading semiconductor manufacturers.

Power Semiconductor Range

- Phase Control Thyristors - SCRs
- Rectifier Diodes
- Thyristor & Diode modules
- Bridge rectifiers
- GTOs
- Solid State Relays - SSRs
- Schotty diodes
- Hexfets
- Mosfets
- Control ICs
- Power stacks
- AC Drives
- DC Drives
- DC Power Supplies
- Rechargable battery sets and charger units for standby power supplies.
- Rectifier units
- Uninterruptible Power Supply Units (UPS)
- Forklift diodes
- Forklift thyristors

Brands – Powerex, IOR, Westcode, Semikron, IXYS, Eupec, Siemens, ABB, Tele



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