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Overhead Line Equipment


We supply and export the following equipment:

Overhead Conductors

- AAC, AAAC, ACSR, PHDC- Copper, ABC- LV&MV, Airdac

Conductor connection accessories Al&Cu

- PG clamps, line taps, lugs, ferrules, splices and dead ends

- Full tension and non tension compression connectors/joints

Bus bar and conductor clamps Cu&Al

- Tee, palm, Stud, tap-off, Support, strain pistol type, expansion, coupler,
trunnion, cross, wire- rope, earth rod, earth wire, suspension, pole

Aerial Bundled Conductor-ABC accessories

- Strain assemblies/suspension assemblies/ dead end assemblies

- ABC LV house service fittings: wall brackets, pole brackets,
clamps(dead end, strain, suspension), pigtail bolts/screws

- Insulation piercing connectors

Staywire assemblies- LV&HV

- Galvanised steel stay wire

- Stay wire compression sleeves

- Stay rods, plates, straps, wire rope thimbles, guy grips, stay insulators

Insulators: pocerlain,composite, glass, silicon rubber, fibreglass

- Stay insulators

- Reel insulators

- Pin type insulators

- Shackle insulators

- Toughened glass disc insulators

- Suspension insulators

- Strain insulators

- Line post insulators

- Station post insulators

- Lightning arrestors

Overhead line hardware and accessories

- Vibration dampers, D- irons, U- bolts, straight shackles, chain links,
threaded rods, HDG steel bolts, pigtail bolts, eye bolts, link plates,
yoke plates, clevis/tongue/ball/socket/eye fittings, stay straps, wire
rope thimbles, suspension counterweights, turnbuckles, corona rings,
earth rods, strut pole brackets

Overhead line switchgear/switch disconnectors- MV

- Drop out fuse links- up to 33KV

- Drop out fuse elements up to 200amps

- Air break switches- ABS

- Load break switches- LBS

- Isolators - rocking and centre rotating

- Switchgear and transformer mounting platforms


We supply the following:

- Clamps

- Connectors

- Hangers

- Insulators

- Tensioning equipment

- Installation and maintenance tools and safety equipment


Overhead line conductors
We supply Aluminium conductor ACSR, Aluminium conductor AAC, Aluminium conductor AAAC, Aerial bundled conductor ABC, Airdac, XLPE cable

Compression fittings
We supply copper lugs, copper ferrules, aluminium lugs, aluminium ferrules, bimetal compression terminals, pre insulated bimetal lugs, pre insulated joints, non tension joints, full tension joints, compression dead ends, T-connectors, Copper splices, ACSR splices, ACSR dead ends

Conductor and busbar clamps
We supply Cradle clamps, Pg clamps, Line taps, Pistol grip strain clamps, Palm clamps, Earth tail clamps, Earth rod clamps

Staywire assemblies
We supply Stay insulators, Stay plates, Stay rods, Guy grips, Stay wire, Stay strap, Wire rope thimbles

Insulators and Lightning arrestors
We supply Silicon long rod insulators, Porcelain insulators, Disc insulators, Line post insulators, Station post insulators, Shackle insulators, Surge arrestors

Overhead line hardware
We supply Strut pole brackets, Transformer platforms, arth rods, Vibration dampers, D-irons, D shackles, HDG bolts, Pigtail bolts, Coach screws, Eyebolts, Link plates, York plates, Chain links, Tongue eye link, Ball eye link, Turnbuckles, Socket tongue adaptors, Socket clevis adaptors, Clevis ball adaptors

Overhead line switchgear
Drop out fuses, Air break switches, Load break switches, Rocking isolators, Distribution transformers

Aerial bundled conductor ABC
Strain assembly, Suspension assembly, Insulation piercing connectors IPC, Strain clamps, Suspension clamps

Railway catenary system components for electrification
We supply Clamps, connectors, hangers, insulators, installation and maintenance tools and safety equipment


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